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It's a Big Deal!

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It's a Big Deal!

It's a Big Deal! The conversion from the old computer processing system to the new system was completed over the Independence Day holiday weekend in July 2011. First CU's new best-in-class operating system is designed to help us serve you more efficiently!

Conversion Guide Download the Conversion Guide for additional information about the conversion process.

Telphone Teller User Guide Download the NEW Telephone Teller User Guide for information on how to use the new and improved 24-hour Telephone Teller.

Online Banking Demo Check out the new online banking system demo today.

Important Conversion Information

We’ve been hard at work preparing, to ensure this computer conversion is as seamless as possible. Here are some things you need to know:

Fill'er Up

• Prior history is still available online. First Credit Union converted from one system to another system on July 1, 2011. Any transaction on your account that occured prior to July 1, 2011 will not be reflected in online banking "account history." However, you can view, print and download prior transactions while you are logged into the new NetTeller online banking. Simply click on the "Prior History" tab. There you will find the last 24 months of statements with your prior transactions.

• Your account number is still the same. The number after the dash has become part of your account number so you won’t have to remember to include the dash anymore!

Important message for Quicken®, QuickBooks® or Microsoft® Money users:

Please be aware you will no longer be able to download account history prior to July 1, 2011 through Quicken, QuickBooks or Microsoft Money after June 30, 2011. We converted to a new core processing computer system over the July 4th weekend. This means the current system will no longer be available after June 30th and the new system will be in place after July 1st.

Transactions posting to your account starting July 1, 2011 or later will be available for download, as usual, through these money management programs going forward.

Addtional information for Quicken and Quick Books Users:

QUICKEN Essentials for Mac 2010 Account Conversion Instructions


Online Banking Web Connect Conversion QuickBooks Windows 2009-2011

Online Banking Web Connect Conversion Quicken Windows 2009-2011

Quicken for Mac Personal Finance Software 2005-2007 Account Conversion Instructions for Web Connect

QuickBooks Business Accounting Software 2007 & 2009-2011 for Mac Account Conversion Instructions for Web Connect